Custom Windows for Your Home.

Choose your style.

From modern to classic, we will provide you with high quality, maintenance-free premium renovation grade replacement vinyl windows that are energy efficient, easy to clean, and add plenty of curb appeal to your home.

We supply only premium products to complement our high standards of service and installation.

You can customize your home by using variations of:groupofwindows Windows

Contact High Impact Exteriors to discuss all available combinations.

Along with the basics of our new replacement windows & doors will be foam insulated, caulked, and sealed to insure a weather tight installation. With painted new interior trim (standard) and exterior metal capping. All of the opening windows will have screen and fold down handles. All of the glass will be the latest version of LoE2 plus with argon gas fill and super spacer to maximize the insulation value, dramatically reduce the summer heat gain, and prevent ultra-violet sun damage.

LoE2 – is a soft coating that covers the glass. It works to reflect the ultra violet rays so in the summer it keeps the heat reflection outward and in the winter the heat is reflected back into the house.

Argon gas – between the pains of glass acts as an invisible insulator by forming a barrier between the outside/inside temperatures.

Super spacer – a non-metal structural foam spacer prevents condensation and heat loss. Unlike other products on the market, such as aluminum, corrugated metal strip buried in butyl, or thermally broken metal spacers can make condensation a cold fact of life.

We only install quality Energy Star, C.S.A certified window and door products. There are not only the highest rated products on the market today, but are also visually stunning.

With our knowledge of window and door installation and our commitment to customer satisfaction combined with our competitive pricing your renovation will be second to none.

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